Circling Hawk Wedding Favours

Small Honey Jars for Wedding Favours

We have a few sizes of small honey containers used as favors.
57g baby bears
65g hex jar
160g hex jar
115g paragon jar
400g glass bears

We will customize the label for you for free.
Label Template Size is 38 mm x 58 mm for the 115g & 160g jars. Send us your design!
As raw honey gets older it will solidify or crystallize. Freezing can stop crystallization.
If you are buying party or wedding favours for an event that is further out than a couple of months
and you want it to remain liquid you have two choices
1) buy it now freeze or 2) wait and buy 2 to 3 weeks before the event.
In fact honey can be kept in the freezer for a couple of years. You can order up 5 days before your event.
To get a custom quote: free wedding favor quote and order form.

4" "Wood honey dippers are usually kept in stock.

115g Favor
This is 115g jar that we recommend as a favor. Dippers are sold separately.