Where can I buy raw honey?

During summer our honey and apiary products are primarily sold direct from the farm through a self serve kiosk just inside the farm gate. If you are looking to buy party favors or cases of gift jars register here for a no obligation quote. We also have some items available from our on-line Shop. In late fall and winter if you wish liquid honey please come to the side entrance of the grey house as the stock in the kiosk has crystallized due to the cold temperatures. Credit cards accepted. The kiosk or house is open from 9:00 am until dusk seven days a week. If looking for pollen granules, comb honey, chunky honey or pollen mixed honey then please ask someone on the farm for assistance or email us in advance.

Honey Sales Hut
This is the honey sales kiosk.

We are located on Leslie Street within the GTA and just a short drive from Hwy 404 from Toronto ( 1 km south of Bloomington Rd ):

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Honey Sales Hut